"Every Drop Counts"

PETRONITE is an online Petrol Station Management System that helps owners of Service Stations get all desirable reports on time and anywhere. PETRONITE is a solution to Financial Insecurity and Investment that makes the owner of Petrol Station concretely master all operations and transactions by remote. The remote data gathering provides possibility for the owner to supervise activities everywhere and in every moment.

PETRONITE Mobile App For Expenditure Approvals

With PETRONITE all expenses will be sending notification via mobile to whoever authorized or gave an order for an expenditure to be processed. Once a manager adds the expenditure into PETRONITE and assign the person who authorized it, a notification will be sent to that person for approval.

A Multi-Station Management System

PETRONITE provides communication between Stations HQ and their Retail Stations which facilitates the Control and Monitoring of the Stations. This allows the Petrol Station Owners and Operators ensure that the reports created at the Stations are received on time and they are accurate.

PETRONITE provides an end-to-end security from Inventory Management to Report Accessibility. PETRONITE has almost 8 securities that makes it one of the secured system for Petrol Station activities. Our centralized system is highly secured with SSL to user action capturing mechanism to ensure everything done at a Petrol Station are visible and recognized by the owner or the operator / supervisor at the Headquarter.

PETRONITE is an online system that stores all it's data on the CLOUD which helps in remote accessibility. This helps in visualization and monitoring of Petrol Station activity in real-time.

PETRONITE provides a greaterVisibilityandControl overFuel Inventory. It provides a real-time visibility and analytics of a Petrol Station's reports on Tanks and Pumps via connectivity to the cloud. PETRONITE provides the ability to Access or Monitor your stations from anywhere in the world.


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All the best features

Stations Management

If the owner has more than one station, all these stations will visible and accessible in a single real-time platform and monitor all stations from anywhere in the world.

Fuel Tanks Management

PETRONITE provides information on Tanks and calculate loss and gain depending on opening stock, pump sales, actual stock and closing dipping information.

Nozzle Sales and Pump Collections

All nozzle sales are shown in the system and at the end the collection information per pumps according to the alignment of nozzles will be given by PETRONITE.

Credit Customer Management

PETRONITE has simply managed credit customers to ensure all transactions through the pump are very well known by the owners of the stations and provide customer statements.

User Access Rights Control

SECURITY is the most important aspect in PETRONITE, it is about how safe our customer's DATA are. Has more than 8 Securities from SSL to problem handshaking solving mechanism.

Stock Purchase Management

PETRONITE manages all the material ins at the particular station. The driver and the truck that delivered the stock, the amount delivered, and what tank was this inventory delivered in.