PETRONITE is an online Petrol Station Management System, developed to meet business needs of various users in retail business, offering solutions that suit specific demands. Petrol Station Management System (PETRONITE) is an integrated information system with an excellent grip in reporting features that can save up to 90% of the time spent creating the Petrol Station reports and also it can save cost on accessing remote stations. The aim of PETRONITE is to manage data, report generating, and providing real-time insights. This is known more for reporting features and is truly commendable. PETRONITE is a solution to Financial Insecurity and Investment. PETRONITE makes the owner of Petrol Station concretely master all operations and transactions by remote. The remote data gathering from a Petrol Station provides a possibility for the owner to supervise a all activities everywhere.


Daily Collection Report (Attendants Collection, Shifts Summary, Grand Summary - Pump Wise, Grand Summary - Item Wise, Comulative Sales), Daily Sales Stock Report (Pump Sales, Stock Movement, Stock Puchases, Creditors Sale, Creditors Payments, Pump Test - Return To Tank, Stock Transfer), Monthly-To-Date Management Report, Date Range Sales Report, Daily Sales Graphical Report, Fuel Reconciliation Report, Tanks Reconciliation Report (Stock Gain & Loss), Margin Analysis Report (Daily Station's Profit), Station's Yearly Target, Expenditure Report.

PETRONITE is a Back Office System (BOS) – which smoothly and efficiently manages station daily activities including Attendant Management, Shifts, Inventory Management and Collections. The system supports the "Shift Operating Mode". This means that at the start of a shift the operator must perform action of "Opening Shift", and at the end of the work - "Closing Shift". PETRONITE contains all the reporting & forms that are required to manage a Petrol Station. PETRONITE is available on premise and completely safe from FRAUDULENT Activities. With PETRONITE you can have a complete insight into your profitability, inventory and cash flow. PETRONITE system is a web based application and a mobile application. This web application can be used for data entry and managing the information about the petrol station(s) while automatically creating desired reports.


Stations Management (Locally and Remotely), Fuel Stock Management, Fuel Sales Management, Fuel Price Management, Station's Expenditure Control, Credit Customers Management, Fuel Suppliers Management, Auto Notification on Expenditures, Stock Gain & Loss Calculation, Reporting Made Easy & Fast, Elimination Of Fraud Activities, Concretely Controll All Operations, Monitor Stations in a Real-time, Clear User Interface & Easy To Use, Reduce Cost Of Management, Supports Shift Operating Model, All User Actions are Timed & Recorded.

Why choose PETRONITE?

The need of the minimization of the labour on operations of Petrol Station, simplification of work of management of Petrol Station, elimination of fraud possibilities are the main reasons for the development of PETRONITE, and the following are some of the reasons WHY you should switch to PETRONITE today.


PETRONITE gives Accessibility from Computer Visibility to Mobile Visibility. You can get access of your stations just at your finger tips. Get Reports on time and be a concrete master of all operations and transactions at every Petrol Stations.


PETRONITE has a capability of Multi-station connection that provides a suitable platform for all your station to be visible in one place. The owner has a total controll of his or her stations all over the world.


PETRONITE is a platform with high Security that provides an end-to-end encryption from Inventory Management to Report Accessibility. Encrypts Data in Motion over the internet with restricted data access to prevent a loss of sensitive information.

Every Drop Counts

PETRONITE is a pole-to-pole coverage system, a bi-directional communication platform with an industry leading encryption to ensure you always safe with us and that your Every Drop Counts with us. PETRONITE makes reporting over Petrol Station operation easy and convenient.

Easy To Use


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